Portable Grooming Kit


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These 2 set of attachment kits are ideal for easy and hassle free grooming at home.

The Air Cleaner Kit  is a filter attachment to the dryer unit used for vacuuming loose hairs when drying and combing pets . The Air Cleaner Kit consists of air vents, wind flaps and filter cover. When attached during grooming, the air vents ensures loose hairs are sucked and trapped in the filter.  This ensures no more sweeping and cleaning is required after grooming your pet at home.

The Anion Grooming Kit is a air tube/brush attachment used for gentle grooming and comfortable drying. The Anion Grooming Kit consists of a 500mm flexible tube connected to an interchangeable tip outlet or brush selection. When attached to the main dryer unit, airflow is directed through the narrow tip outlet which allows for easy drying of hard to reach, sensitive areas such as the inside of ears and in between toes. The tip outlet can also be interchanged with a choice of 3 brushes for all hair types and length.


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