Events Highlights


14-16 April 2023

11am – 8pm

Singapore Expo Hall 6

Pet Dry Room offers dry and care
modes for comfortable and
efficient fur-drying performance
and pets’ wellness.

Product Demo is available
All pets are welcomed

NEW! PePe Pet Dry Room

A Sanctuary

To call their Own

A space where they can return
to throughout the day.
PePe Pet Dry Room offers
comfort and relaxation and
much more.

Smart multi-care features provide
daily wellness and its sleek,
luxurious and minimalist
in 3 premium color design
makes PePe Pet Dry Room Smart Pet Dryer Box a great addition to the home.

Product Highlights

PePe Pet Dry Room

An efficient pet care system that provides stress-free drying and holistic care wellness to your pets


A spacious pet-friendly design dryer box for drying and grooming medium size pets


A patented technology to operate precise quiet drying and pet care function for your small size pets

Free next-day delivery

Only for orders in Singapore

Shipping charges applies
1-3 working days in Malaysia

12 Months Warranty

Include parts and labour

Authorised Distributor

Singapore and Malaysia

Awarded Winning

PePe Excellence in Product Design

Design to create happy coexistence to
Pets and People

Pets are human’s valuable love and companionship in his family. To have more comfort and quality time with his pets, PePe sensibly redesign home pet lifestyle using modern technology to provide efficient management of time for pets’ grooming and pet care wellness. Pepe Pet Care System Smart Dry Room ~ Our Pride, Your Pet Wellness.