Dial method for precise
and easy adjustment.

DR-100 PRO | Pink

Clear LCD

Allows you to see at a glance the
operating status of the dryer.

DR-100 PRO | White

Air Nozzles

7 wind direction that dries the pet faster. From left, right, up and down 45 degrees, top, back and even bottom.

DR-100 PRO | Black

Low Noise

PePe Pet dry room that makes your pets
relaxed and less stressful when drying.

DR-300 PRO

Water Absorbing

Strongly absorbs the water from the lower body
of the pet that sutch as the stomach and legs area that helps in drying them in a short period of time


All In One Filter System

Easy to remove to wash & dry after use for dust and fur hair collection after pets air shower.
Normal use for replacement – 1 year once


How do we maintain PePe Pet Care System Smart Dry Room

PePe Pet Care System is designed and manufactured with its structure to be easily separated for washing purpose.
All structural parts except the main module can be completely disassembled for washing and cleaning

To ensure a comfortable and clean room for your pets’ use, we recommend to wash the unit every month

How to Clean Biopad

PePe Biopad is used as a base mat for water absorption. It can often be stained with dirty paws. Clean off by brushing with hard brush and rinse off with water

To ensure Pepe Biopad Performance efficiency, we recommend to change 12-24 months

How to Clean All-In-One Filter

To ensure Pepe filter performance efficiency, we recommend to change every 12 months.

Drying Time With PePe Pet Dry Room

Comfort Drying. Safe & Convenient Pepe Pet Care System Smart Dry Room designed to make grooming easy for pet owners in 30mins.

How to maintain a PePe Pet Care Room
after use.

Self Cleaning mode is programmed in PePe Pet Care system to sterilize the smart dry room with UV-C Led in warm air. Select this mode function after every use to keep PePe Dry Room clean and safe

Note: Please remove your pets and close the door to prevent UV-C Led Light radiated onto your eye and skin.

How to use the Pet Dry Room