PePe Pet Care System

Drying your pets in comfort
Designed to make grooming easy and convienent for all pet owners.


Payment & Delivery

What methods of payment do you accept? Do you offer a payment plan?

Pet Connexion accepts major Credit Card payment, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Unfortunately, we do not offer instalment payment plan at this time.

Can I amend or cancel my order after confirmation?

We try our best to pack and deliver your orders as soon as we get them to ensure its processed and delivered promptly, which means we are unable to amend or cancel any orders after confirmation.

How long will delivery takes?

Our local delivery time is usually within 3 working days.

Once your order is confirmed, our staff will contact you within the next working day to schedule delivery time at your earliest convenience. Depending on customer requests and our logistic resources, the average delivery period is usually 1-3 working days from order confirmation.

West Malaysia

Pet Connexion uses GDExpress and DHL express for deliveries to West Malaysia. The average delivery period is usually 3-5 working days from order confirmation.

Other Countries

For other countries, kindly contact our customer care desk   on Mondays – Fridays 10am to 5pm for shipping rates and arrangement.

How much is the delivery cost?

We offer free local delivery within Singapore.

For West Malaysia, PePe Dry Room delivery charge is $160 – $180 ( Include shipping cost, import tax and duties )

For other countries, kindly contact our customer care desk  on Mondays – Fridays 10am to 5pm for shipping rates and arrangement.

Can I track my delivery?

For local delivery, we will contact you to schedule the earliest delivery slot. This is usually within 3 working days from order date.

For overseas orders, we engage International couriers such as DHL or Fedex for international delivery. We will provide the tracking number once order is processed and picked up by the courier. 

Troubleshoot & Repair

My unit is not working. What should I do?

For any issue, please feel free to contact our service team at +65 8412 8836 or email us from contact mailbox.

Our experienced staff will help troubleshoot and assess if repair or replacement parts will be required.
If necessary, our staff will schedule a service appointment at a suitable time for you to bring in your PEPE DRY ROOM for our technical support team to check.
For your convenience, we also offer Door-to-Door repair pickup ($45 each way) and onsite repair service  ($60 onwards). Please contact our service team for more information on this service and fees.
What to bring for service appointment? What should I expect?

For PEPE DRY ROOM, this will depend on the nature of the issue reported.  In most cases, you will only need to bring in the Top unit. The body of the unit and sliding door are usually not required.

Please check with our service team for more information.

How long will the repair takes?

The average repair takes about 7-10 days. This time is required to ensure proper diagnosis, repair and servicing for your unit.

Whilst we hope to fix and return your system as soon as possible, there are times or circumstances where the replacement parts are not readily available, and we seek your understanding that such circumstances will  inevitably delay the length of repair.

Our service team will inform you if there is any delay and update once ready for pickup.

Do you offer transport service or onsite repairs?

To help you avoid the hassle of bringing in your unit, we are happy to offer door to door repair pickup for a small transport fee – each way $45.

Depending on the issue, on-site repair at your residence is also available. Please feel free to contact our service team for more information.

How long is the warranty? What is covered?

Pepe Dry Room is warranted for 12months from the purchase date against any defects under normal use.
For Singapore customers, our warranty assurance include technical support, repair services and replacement parts for your Pepe Dry Room unit.
Our Care team also support International customers with technical guidance, assessment and free parts for warranty repairs or replacement. Please note, there may be charges for administration
and postage cost for free parts replacement for warranty repairs.


What if I want to shorten the drying time?

It is important to dry thoroughly with a towel and comb the fur from time
to time in between use of the dry room. After taking a bath, immediately
set the temperature to 40°C and adjust the air volume in level 4, then
lower the temperature when the fur is almost dry.

Keep in mind that comfortable drying is more important than quick drying.

Isn’t it too much when the temperature is set to the maximum 40°C?

Pets have higher body temperature than humans. Even if you set it the temperature to 40°C, it will only feels about 28°C when wet. However, please keep mind that lowering the temperature, when the hair is almost dry, makes the drying experience more comfortable for the pet.

Will it work with long and rich fur?

The 7-direction three-dimensional wind and bio pad will dry the stomach and feet thoroughly. Frequently combing and drying with a towel in the middle can greatly reduce the drying time.

Will my pet be okay with it?

PEPE Pet Dry Room minimizes the stress with the help of white noise technology and air circulation which does not blows the wind directly in the pet’s face. Plus, the patented shutter-type sliding door which can be use as a pet house, leaving the door open and letting the pet to adapt to the product.

If the pet refuses to use the dry room, let them take a break, enjoy and be familiarized with it first, then you will see them going inside the dry room when they already feels comfortable with it.

Will it dry well? Wouldn't it be stressful?

The main air inside the PEPE Pet Dry Room blows from the floor and the back air nozzles. The other air nozzle direction is designed to help in the air circulation rather than blowing direct wind. Unlike the standard dryers that focuses on the air speed and drying drastically, the PEPE Pet Dry Room increases the amount of air to dry the whole body without blowing direct wind on the pet’s face. The warm air wraps up from the top of the dry room to the floor with moderate wind strength and direction that reduces the stress on the pet during the drying process.

What are PEPE 9 SMART Operating Modes ?

Still need assistance?

For any other questions, please call us at +65 8412-8836 or drop us an email sales@petconnexion.com.sg

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