Harness the same advanced air technology used in semi-conductor clean room.

Multi directional air shower to ensure fast complete drying even in hard to reach areas like underbelly and paws.

Whisper quiet to ensure a stress-free and comfortable experience.




Wide array of therapeutic modules for your pet’s comfort and overall well being.

Infra Red – Improve blood circulation, relief inflammation, muscle soreness, and alleviate joint pain.

Negative Ion – Eliminate air borne allergens, bacteria, virus, pet dander and odour.

Oxygen Cartridge – Improve mental alertness, energy level and elevate your pet mood.



Your pet’s safety is key priority. This is assured by multiple built-in safety features:

1. Flame-less PTC heating coil to eliminate fire risk. The same heating system  adopted by commercial airlines.

2. Thermal sensors to detect any temperature deviation. Once activated, system auto shutdown for pet protection.

3. Built-in air vents to ensure proper ventilation into the system even when system is shutdown.

4. Patented door lock to allow pet to push open and exit.