PePe Scent Pouch


Filled Pepe Dry Room these light scented sweet smelling rose or refreshing cool cologne fragrance for light aroma therapy for your pets.

Variant: Rose

Sachet Rose light scented filled with rose petal and moistened with English rose fragrance oil to enhance aromatic scents. 12 satchels x Rose /box

Variant : Cologne

Sachet Cologne refresh scented with with crisp white floral fragrance oil to enhance aromatic scent. 12 satchels x Cologne /box

Note: To indicate the preferred scents in remarks upon check out.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9.0 × 5.5 cm
Package Include

12 satchels in per box

How To Use

– Kneed your sachets bag to revive fragrance before placing it under the biopad

– For aromatherapy for 10 mins – 15 mins

Recommend to use every drying time, helps to add fragrance to your pet’s fur.


Cologne, Rose


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