For your pet

+ Quiet stress free drying

+ Skin and fur care through built in infra-red feature

+ Improve metabolism and energy level through oxygen laden ionised air

+ Clean and sanitize environment for self use

+ Pet safety ensured by advanced security features and heat sensors

For you

+ Time savings from faster drying

+ Consumes less energy than average hand held dryer

+ Cleaner home with Quick air shower after daily walk to remove dirt and dust

+ User friendly LED interface for optimal temperature and time control

+ Hassle-free pet grooming from comfort of your own home

Indulge and Pamper your dear pet

with Vuum's suite of pet care and grooming products

Care Features



Pet Care System

R&D is the cornerstone of Vuum’s success


Every product is developed from Vuum research facility and encapsulates their advanced technology, design development and rigorous testing to ensure genuine comfort and safety for our pets