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BENEFITS for your pet


Quiet Comfortable Drying

Vuum harness the same advanced air circulation technology used in dust-sensitive semiconductor foundries to ensure quiet comfortable air shower for your pet. The multi directional air movement also ensures consistent drying in the hard to reach areas such as inner ear and between paws.


Care Features

Infra Red Module - Promotes skin and fur condition, improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and soreness.

Negative Ion Module - Enhance body immunity, improves energy level and lightens your pet's mood. Natural purifier removing fine dust, bacteria and odour. Ideal for pets with breathing difficulties or allergies.

Music Module - Carefully curated music selection to calm and soothe your pet.


Oxygen-laden Air

Oxygen is infused with natural surrounding air for added health benefits. This higher oxygen concentration helps promote your pet's brain functionality, alertness and overall well being.


Safety Protection

Pet safety is assured by multiple heat sensors and patented door lock mechanism. In case of power outage, natural air continues to flow into the system.

BENEFITS for you


Save Time

Blow drying is time consuming manual work. With Vuum, you simply set the timer and let Vuum take over. Put your time to better use whilst your pet enjoys the comfortable stress-free benefits of Vuum.


Cleaner Home

Use regularly to promote fur condition and reduce loose fur scatter at home. When use after daily walk, Vuum's air shower will remove any residual dirt, dust or even mites that may be stuck on their fur and paws. Let Vuum keep your pet and home clean and hygienic!


Energy Efficient

On average, a pet care room consumes 0.9 – 1.2kw as compared to 1.6 – 2.2kw for a conventional hair dryer. During normal usage, the built in thermostat also automatically turned off once the desired temperature has been attained. Hence, resulting in even higher energy efficiency and savings.


Easy To Use

Easy to use LED Interface for mode, temperature, air volume and timer control. Vuum requires minimal maintenance with filter change only required when necessary.




Pet Care System

R&D is the cornerstone of Vuum’s success


Every product is developed from Vuum research facility and encapsulates their advanced technology, design development and rigorous testing to ensure genuine comfort and safety for our pets


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