Stress Free Drying

Multi directional air shower for a comfortable surround dry experience.

Biolight Therapy

Improves blood circulation, alleviate inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasms and pain.

Bio Pad

Made of 100% natural composite material.
This high absorbent pad improves drying by absorbing moisture from hard to dry areas such as under belly and paws.


Safety assured with dual heat sensors and PTC flame-less heating coil.
System shuts down automatically if temperature deviates from range.

Energy Efficient

Warm air is kept within the system and reheated only when temperature falls below the level set. Average energy consumption of 0.6 kwh.

Slider Door

Pet-Safe slider door is easy to use and operates with less space compared to conventional door.

(Mins) Average Drying Time

(Decibels) Sound Emission - Loudness Test

(Cents / Per Hour Use) Electric Cost


Improvement in Drying Time From Bio Pad


Less Loose Fur After Using Pepe


Material                            ABS

Colour                               Cream

Weight                              13 kg

Dimension                       60cm L x 50cm W x 58cm H