Litter Robot

Automated Litter Box

Multiple Cats

Works perfectly with many cats, giving each a clean litter box to work with every time.

Never Scoop Again

No more scooping as all waste are automatically separated from clean litter and stow away in a concealed waste drawer.

Odour Control

Odour is reduced as waste are isolated and contained in an activated carbon drawer. With Litter Robot, your home can and will smell fresher and far less like a litter box.

Safe Comfort

There are no moving parts or sharp objects inside the globe that could harm your cat. New enlarged entryway and spacious globe provides a safe comfortable litter bed environment for your cat.

Full Drawer Indicator

No need to keep checking if drawer is full. Litter Robot alerts you when its time to replace waste liner.

Clumping Litter

Designed for use with commonly available clumping clay litter. Your cat can continue to use their preferred litter during transition to Litter Robot.

No Hidden Cost

Any standard grocery or garbage bags can be used to line the waste drawer. There is no gimmicks, recurring or hidden cost.

Save Money

Efficient Sifting system translates to more clean litter preserved and less spending on replenishing litter. Customers report >50% savings in litter compared to conventional litter box.

Travel without Worries

Ideal for owners with irregular work schedules or frequent travel demands. With Litter Robot, there is no need for costly cat sitting or boarding. Your cats can stay home in their familiar environment whilst you are away.

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Weight                   16kg

Colour                    Bisque

Power                     15Volt DC

Dimension            68cm L x 61cm W  x  74cm H