Say hello to the last

litter box you will ever need..

Say goodbye

to scooping forever...

Automatic Self Cleaning

litter box

Great for Multiple Cats

Works perfectly with many cats, giving each a clean litter box to work with every time.

Never Scoop Again

No more scooping as all waste are automatically separated from clean litter and stow away in a concealed waste chamber.

Odour Reduction

Waste is concealed in an activated carbon filter drawer designed to absorb odour.

Save Money

Efficient sifting process means more clean litter preserved and less money spent than conventional litter box.

Full Waste Indicator

No more constant checking if your drawer will flow over. Built-in Indicator alerts you when waster level is full.

Self Cleaning

Entire cleaning cycle is automated. It detects when the cat enters and exits before commencing the clean cycle.


Automatic Litter Box That Really Works

Litter Robot frees you from the chore of litter box scooping. You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically, reliably, and consistently. Cleaning the litter box is now as simple as changing a kitchen garbage bag.

Patented Litter-Sifting System

Cats prefer a clean place to go every time. This unique system separates the waste clumps from the clean litter by rotating the globe to sift the litter. The clean litter stays in the globe while the waste drops to a disposable bag held in a concealed chamber under the globe, providing a clean, level bed of litter for the next use.

No Special Waste Bags

The Litter-Robot waste drawer can be lined with just about any garbage or grocery bags. It is designed to make your life easier, without any gimmicks or hidden costs.

Suitable with Most Clumping Litter

Designed to work with a wide array of clumping clay cat litters. Litter crystals, pearls, and biodegradable types are all compatible with the Litter-Robot. Everyone has their preferred cat litter, so we aim to avoid additional costs or change in your routine other than freeing you from scooping cat litter!

No More Litter Odour

Litter Robot is designed to minimise exposure of the waste in the open. After clumping, the waste is isolated and contained in the waste drawer. As a result, litter odour is effectively concealed and significantly reduced. With Litter Robot, we are certain that the air in your home can and will smell much fresher and far less like a litter box.

Safe and Comfortable

There are no moving parts, sharp objects, or electrical wiring inside the globe that could harm your cat. As an added safety feature, the system will not operate when a cat is inside or when it re-enters during the cleaning cycle.
This safety feature, together with enlarged entryway and spacious globe, provide a safe comfortable litter bed environment for your cat.

Save Money

Litter Robot's efficient waste sifting system translates to more clean litter preserved and less money spent on replacement litter. Customers report saving in excess of 50% when compared to regular litter boxes.

Built To Last

This 3rd generation model is designed and built with more than 10 years of passion, experience and technical know-hows. The design and features are adapted from feedbacks by our customers and critics alike. With Litter Robot III Open Air, you are assured of a well designed, sturdy built system with minimal maintenance.

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