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VUUM Pet Care System provides a grooming, skin/hair treatments and spa, pampering and indulging your pet without leaving your home.

This model is designed for smaller pets below 7kg and ideal for dogs such as Maltese, Shitzu, Poodle and  cats such as Tabby, Ragdoll, Mainecoon and Munchkin.

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The Pet Care Room has 5 side directional air blow to our furpets which dries the difficult areas such as belly and paws. The Patented Air Technology has sophisticated air circulation system that collects dust and loose fur , discharges moisture out of the system while supplying fresh air simultaneously.

Pet Care Room Functions

  • Air Inlet (Outer) blow in oxygen-laden air for revitalization and provide aroma therapy vie aroma capsule to furpets while the Air Inlet Filter (Inner) removes dust and loose fur from FurPets.
  • Stress free dryer for pets and low level noise for families.
  • Ionizer and Infra Red module toggles in the room to prevent shock from static electricity while grooming furpets to keep furpets fur glossy, relieve skin problems and muscle soreness.
  • VUUM Pet Care Room ensures safety measure for our furpet while enjoying the treatment.
  • Oxygen-loaded air is circulated in the system in the pets’s comfort while the automatic temperature control system monitor on the interior temperature and will automatic shut down with alarm if there is any temperature difference in the program.
  • Patented Double-safe door lock enables furpets to push the door open anytime when they want to get out of room.
  • For model S100 series is suitable for dogs such as Maltese, Shitzu, Poodle and others.  For cats such as Tabby, Ragdoll, Mainecoon , Munchkin and others.
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 74 × 54 × 73 cm
Inner Dimensions (L x W x H)

49 x 41 x 56 cm


W1000 , 200-240V 50/60HZ


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