LR III Carbon Filters & Seal Strip Kit


The Carbon Filter Pad and Base Seal traps unpleasant odours to always keep the Litter-Robot III waste drawer fresh and hygienic for your family.

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The carbon filter and seal replacement frequency is based on personal preference. The filter provided in the LR III Open Air would normally last a few months.  However for optimal odour absorption, the recommended changing of the carbon filter is every three months, but varies with individual usage frequency. Be careful not to wet the seal strips when cleaning the Base as they may begin to peel. Worn out seal strips may be replaced with new ones or by trimming loose edges between replacements for longer lasting usage. It only requires easy maintenance of using a lint roller or vacuum to remove debris.

The Replacement Filter kit includes 3 Carbon Filter PADs and 1 set of Seal Strips compatible to Litter-Robot III Open Air.


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