Litter-Robot III Open Air


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Tired of always spending precious time to pick up smelly cat litter?

Fret no more, this cat litter box is the LAST you’ll ever buy and is essential to every cat owner!

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The Litter Robot III Open Air is an automated, self-cleaning litter box. The patented sifting process of the robot automatically separate cat waste from the clean litter. The self adjusting cat weight sensor * allows the Robot to detect cats movement into the robot. when activated, the globe will rotate to deposit into the waste drawer for easy disposal, only requiring cat owner to change the lining once the full drawer indication alerts providing great convenience and no more to scooping cat litter! The Open Air function also gives a larger feel to the litter chamber, making it inviting and comfortable for large cats to enter. Excellent for cats of all sizes to feel comfortable and enjoy their privacy. Special features like the Automatic Night Light for elderly cats to facilitate their way to Litter box  and Sleep mode for no disturbance to light sleepers.

* Recommended for cats to have minimum weight of 2.5-3 kg for automation mode to be activated. Otherwise, manual cycle mode can be used for kitten/cats below the minimal weight requirement.

Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 62 x 68 x 75 cm
Inner Dimensions (L x W x H)

50.8 x 51 x 38~43 {depending on litter level} cm


  1. Bought the litter robot from the recent Pet Expo and had an overall great experience with customer service and the prompt delivery! My 3 cats were first very intrigued but cautious of this new machine but didn’t take long for them to start using it as their new favourite toilet! Having the Litter Robot has very much reduced the odour in my house and saved me a lot of time in the clean-up. Highly recommended!

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