Dr Pepe Natural Pet Soap Anti Fungal ( Neem Leaf)

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Dr Pepe Coco Soap – Neem Leaf and Natural coconut oil (Anti-Fungal). It is suitable for pets suffering from skin issues. Organic fomulated rich in anti-fungal ingredient, Coco Neem leaf soap help to reduces itchness and soothing skins It has anti-tick & fleas inhibtant and prohibit bacterial growth effect hence helps in the improve to the skin of your pets. 100% Organic

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Additional information

How to use

Lather your pet with water and massage your pet with the COCO soap till soap foam formed. Gently pour water onto your pet and allow the soap foam to penetrate into your pet\\\\\\'s skin. After massage for 5-10 mins, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to avoid bubble. After rinsing, dry thoroughly especially on Inner fur and send your pet to PEPE Dry Room or other Dryer. Pointer: An effective drying of your pet after bath is important always.

How to store

Store in Room temperature. In humid countries, natural glycerin ( like water droplets) will form on the soap surface which may cause to condensation which is a normal. Use Dr Coco Soap with confidence. Shelf Life : 2 years

Packaging Size

L9.5 x D18 x H cm
3 pieces soap bars per box

Packaging Weight

135gram x 3 pieces soap bars

Main Ingredients

Neem leaf and 100% organic coconut oil


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