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Care Tips

  • Avoid Heavy Handling

Handle your litter Robot with Love. Heavy handling and impact may damage the cat sensor/ circuit board and/or motor.


  • Proper Placement

Place your litter Robot on a firm level floor. Ensure it is not pushed against anything (like the wall), and nothing is resting on it.  If you have your Litter-Robot on carpeting or flooring with cracks, grout lines in the case of tile, or any other deformity that could result in uneven contact, either relocate the unit, or place a board underneath it. For the Cat Sensor to work accurately and reliably, the Litter-Robot must always be free-standing, meaning it’s not leaning on anything and nothing is leaning on it.


  • Power Off

Power Off before removing the bonnet and globe to avoid damage to the DFI sensor. This is the most common cause for DFI sensor malfunction. Once damaged, the blue light will blink even after Reset or a clean waste drawer. 


  • Clean Regularly

For the Globe, wash with mild soap as necessary. For the bonnet and base, wipe clean with disinfectant.  Do not soak or wet the bonnet and base to prevent damaging the electrical circuitry.


  • Timely Removal of Waste

Regular waste removal will help minimise litter odour and more importantly, help ensure a clean comfortable environment for your cats and family.

Litter-Robot is equipped with infrared emitters and sensors (DFI) located above the Waste Drawer that check if the drawer is full each time the Globe returns to the Home position. When activateda flashing blue light will be displayed. Ensure the waste drawer is cleared and cleaned on a timely basis.  

Note that upon the 3rd activation of the DFI (after 2 more Clean cycles), the Cat Sensor deactivates and the unit will no longer cycle automatically. Check or empty the Waste Drawer, then press Reset to cancel the indicator and reset the Cat Sensor.


  • Secure Properly

Ensure all parts are fitted and secured properly before use. The globe should be aligned to fit the track on the base. The black key behind the globe should face downwards sitting in the base pocket. The tabs at the rear and side of the bonnet should be securely latched onto the base. 

Check to ensure the metal pinches are properly aligned and free of dirt and stains. Oil lightly to prevent corrosion and rust.


  • Reset 

Remember to press the Reset button after any action that may affect the weight or placement of your Litter-Robot. These include:

– Refilling or Removing litter

– Emptying the Waste Drawer

– Moving or Cleaning your Litter Robot

Press the Reset button once you are done. The Reset button re-adjusts the Cat Sensor automatically, ensuring the Litter-Robot will detect your cat and cycle properly.

Here are some solutions to the more common issues you may encounter whilst using your Litter Robot. If issue persists or replacement parts are required, please inform our  Care team for assistance.

Blinking Blue Light

[title text=”Indicator – Waste Drawer is full” tag=”h4″ font_size=”14px” text_align=”center”]
[title text=”Common Causes” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1524796417763{padding-bottom: -15px !important;}”]
  • Remove bonnet or globe with the Power On.

  • DFI infra red emitters and sensors are blocked by excess waste or waste bag.

  • DFI panel is soiled by waste or dirt.

[title text=”Simple Solutions” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center”]
  • Ensure Power has been Turn Off before removing bonnet and globe.

  • Remove excess waste and ensure waste bag is tucked in place.

  • Wipe clean any stain on or around DFI location.

[title text=”Replacement” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center”]


Blinking Yellow Light

[title text=”Indicator – Cycle Interrupted or Bonnet not in place” tag=”h4″ font_size=”14px” text_align=”center”]
[title text=”Common Causes” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1524796425443{padding-bottom: -15px !important;}”]
  • Cat entered the globe during mid cycle.

  • Globe chamber is not placed in right position.

  • Bonnet is not securely attached on base unit.

  • Bonnet metal pinch is not aligned or corroded with rust or dirt.

[title text=”Simple Solutions” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center”]
  • Remove any object obstructing the cycle.

  • Ensure Globe is properly aligned on the base track – front entrance at home position and back black key positioned downwards.

  • Ensure bonnet tabs are securely latched into the base unit.

  • Ensure metal pinches on bonnet and base unit are lightly oiled and free of corrosion and dirt.

[title text=”Replacement” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center”]

Cat Sensor,

Base or Bonnet Metal Pinch

Blinking Red Light

[title text=”Indicator – Excess Weight or Circuit Board/Cat Sensor Fault” tag=”h4″ font_size=”14px” text_align=”center”]
[title text=”Common Causes” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1524796433355{padding-bottom: -15px !important;}”]
  • Excess weight from cat litter or accumulated waste.

  • Parts malfunction due to contamination (soiled or wet).

  • Parts malfunction due to heavy handling.

[title text=”Simple Solutions” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1524796455729{padding-bottom: -20px !important;}”]
  • Remove any object placed or stuck in the Globe.

  • Empty waste drawer and remove excess cat litter above Fill Line.

  • Wipe clean regularly and avoid wetting the electrical parts.

[title text=”Replacement” font_size=”18px” text_align=”center”]

Cat Sensor, Circuit Board

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Blinking Yellow and Red Light

No Globe Cycle

Motor detects obstruction or jam. Turn unit off, remove Bonnet and Globe to check for gear/motor obstruction. Reassemble unit and verify proper litter level.

To Do – If problem persists, contact Customer Service desk.

3 Blinking Lights

Intermittent or No Globe Cycle

System unable to locate Home and/or Empty positions.  Possible motor gear loose or faulty wire harness.

To Do –  Contact our Customer Service desk.

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