Will my cat actually go inside the globe?

Cats are generally curious and tend to investigate new things. Those already familiar with a covered litter box may be quicker to investigate.

We recommend placing the Litter-Robot where the old litter box used to be, especially if your cat is fearful of new things. You can remove the old litter box or leave it next to the Litter-Robot for a short time. Then, take a cup of litter from the old box and put it in the globe of the Litter-Robot. The scent will be familiar, and your cat should be inclined to check it out. Once your cat ventures inside and feels the litter under his paws, he’ll know what to do! Check out Making the Switch for more tips and tricks.

Can kittens use the Litter-Robot?

It depends how much your kitten weighs. The Litter-Robot senses the weight of your cat to know when it enters and exits, which triggers the countdown timer and cleaning cycle.

Kittens and small cats that weigh less than 5 pounds may not be heavy enough for the sensor to detect. Until they weigh enough, we recommend using your Litter-Robot in “semi-automatic” mode to keep your cat safe and relieve you from litter box scooping.

For “semi-automatic” mode, leave the Litter-Robot switched off or unplugged. When you see your cat has used it, wait about 7 minutes for the waste to clump, then turn it on/plug it in. The Litter-Robot will automatically perform a cleaning cycle (takes about 2 ½ minutes), then turn it off/unplug it again. Continue this supervised, semi-automatic mode until your kittens have gained sufficient weight to activate the cat sensor.

I have more than one cat. Can I use one Litter-Robot for multiple cats?

Yes! Multiple cats can use the same Litter-Robot—and each one will have a clean place to go each time, thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle. More cats means more waste, so make sure to empty the waste drawer more frequently. Use this infographic to learn how many units are best for how many cats.

If one of your cats is a kitten or may not weigh 5 pounds, be sure to leave the Litter-Robot switched off or unplugged. When you see your cat has used it, wait about 7 minutes for the waste to clump, then turn it on/plug it in. The Litter-Robot will automatically perform a cleaning cycle (takes about 2 ½ minutes), then turn it off/unplug it again. Continue this semi-automatic mode until your kitten has gained sufficient weight to activate the cat sensor. See Can kittens use the Litter-Robot? above for more information.

Does the Litter-Robot have a weight limit?

No, the Litter-Robot does not have a weight limit. Size and weight often have little to do with whether a cat will adopt the Litter-Robot or not.

When we describe which Litter-Robot model is best for cats of a certain size, our recommendation is based on the size of the globe (litter bed area and height of internal space) and the size of the entryway.

Our definition of a small cat is approx. 2.3kg – 4.5 kg; a medium cat is approx. 4.5 kg – 6.9 kg; large cat is approx. 6.9 kg – 9 kg pounds; and an extra-large cat is any cat that weighs 9 kg and above. Again, the Litter-Robot does not have an upper weight limit, so whether or not the Litter-Robot will be comfortable for a large or fat cat is up to the individual. As long as the cat can enter the globe and turn around inside it comfortably, it doesn’t matter how much it weighs. The Litter-Robot Open Air was made with larger cats in mind. It has a larger entryway and expanded litter bed area to accommodate larger cats.

How are the waste and clean litter separated?

Litter-Robot gently and quietly separates the waste clumps from the clean litter by rotating the globe to sift the litter. The clean litter stays in the globe while the waste drops into a disposable bag held in a concealed chamber under the globe. Unlike competitors, the Litter-Robot has no rake mechanisms that can be jammed or clogged. The Litter-Robot is a reliable, fully automated self cleaning cat litter box that consistently works for every use.

Will Litter-Robot totally eliminate 100% litter box odour?

Litter-Robot will not eliminate all litter box odour.

However, because waste is promptly removed and contained in the base, typical litter box odour will be reduced significantly. In addition, the large carbon filter located in the front of the waste drawer absorbs odours and moisture to discourage mould growth (a major culprit of that telltale litter box smell). The reduction in odour may varies due to intensity of odour —by how many cats use it, type of litter use, and your cats’ diets, among other things.

Of course, the more often you empty the waste drawer, the less opportunity there is for odour to escape. That said, if you empty the waste drawer and notice the Litter-Robot is still a source of unpleasant odours, we recommend changing out the bed of litter completely, deep cleaning the Litter-Robot twice per year, and replacing the carbon filter and seal strips as necessary.


Can I change the Wait Time for clumping?

The Wait Time is the elapsed time starting from when your cat exits the Globe until the unit starts a Clean cycle. The default is 7 minutes. It can be adjusted for 3, 7, or 15 minutes.

Reducing the Wait Time may minimize odour, however, it may also reduce the cleaning effectiveness if clumps do not have enough time to set up. Extend the Wait Time when using a lower quality clumping litter that needs more time to set up. Press and hold the Empty button for about 5 seconds to enter Wait Time Setting mode. One of the lights will start flashing, indicating the current Wait Time Setting. Use the Reset button to toggle to the next setting: blue for 3 minutes, yellow for 7 minutes, and red for 15 minutes. Press and hold the Empty button to save the setting. The blue light will blink to confirm, then return to standby.

How do I use the Night light? What is Sleep Mode?

Although cats generally have excellent vision, aging and illness can diminish their ability to see in low light conditions. The Automatic Night Light, located in the upper Bonnet, is there to help guide your cat to the litter box. A light sensor located above the Cycle button turns the Night Light on and off automatically. Turn the Night Light function on and off by pressing and holding the Power button.

The Sleep Mode allows you to deactivate the Cat Sensor for 8 hours so the unit will not cycle automatically. Sleep Mode is useful for units located in bedrooms or areas where you may not want the unit to cycle for a period of 8 hours. The 8-hour period is repeated every 24 hours; the start is determined by the time the mode is initially set. To enter Sleep Mode, at the desired time, press and hold the Cycle button until the yellow light turns on (in addition to the blue standby light). Both the yellow and blue lights will be on during the next 8 hours, indicating the unit is in 8-Hour Sleep Mode.

Does Litter-Robot require special litter?

The Litter-Robot works well with almost any clumping or scoopable litter. Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work.

The Litter-Robot is not compatible with litters that are strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets. You’ll find these incompatible litters create a muddy mess and interfere with the sifting process.

Feline Pine is not compatible with the Litter-Robot. The large pellet size does not sift well. It builds up on the screen, causing clean pellets to spill into the waste drawer during the cleaning cycle.

Will Litter-Robot help me save money?

Our customers reported annual litter savings of more than 50% after the switch to Litter-Robot. Not to mention there is also the priceless time savings from daily poo scooping that will be a thing of the past.

Where should I put my Litter-Robot?

During initial use, we recommend placing your Litter-Robot near your cat’s old litter box. As soon as your cat starts using the Litter-Robot regularly, remove the old litter box. At this point, the placement is up to you. Because the Litter-Robot reduces almost all odor, prevents litter tracking, and has an 8-hour sleep setting (when it will not cycle), you can place it in virtually any room in the house without disturbance. If you decide to place it out of sight, set a reminder, so it’s not out of mind! You’ll need to change the waste drawer liner about once every 7-10 days (with one cat) and add litter as needed.

What are the dimensions of the Litter-Robot? Will it fit in my home?

The Litter-Robot is about the size of a nightstand. Because it eliminates almost all odor, reduces litter tracking, has an 8-hour sleep setting when it will not cycle (LRIII Open Air only), and has an optional cabinet (for LRII Classic and Bubble units), you can place your Litter-Robot in any room in your home.
Height: 29.5″ (74.9cm)
Width: 24.25” (62cm)
Depth: 27” (68.6cm)
Entryway: 16″H x 10.25″W
Inside Globe: 15″-17″H (depending on litter level) x 20″W x 20″D
Litter Bed: 14″ wide at maximum
Waste Drawer: 16”H x 12.5”W x 5”D
Weight: 24 pounds or 10.8kg

What is the power voltage required? How much power does it consume?

The Litter-Robot will work with both 110 and 220 currents. You can use any power supply that provides 15VDC, up to 1 amp or a converter suitable to your region.

If you’re worried about going from a human-powered litter box to an electric one, don’t be. The Litter-Robot consumes a very small amount of power. Based on the Open Air, when the motor is working to rotate the globe during a cleaning cycle, the Litter-Robot uses just 2.7 Watts of electricity. When the Litter-Robot is on standby, which is 99% of the time, it uses just 0.36 Watts of electricity.

Does the Litter-Robot require special receptacles or waste bags?

No, the Litter-Robot does not require special bags or liners for the waste drawer. The waste drawer is designed to fit a variety of liners from kitchen garbage bags to large plastic grocery bags. We want this product to make your life easier, without any gimmicks or hidden costs.

How often do I need to empty the waste drawer?

It depends on how many cats use the Litter-Robot, how big they are, and your personal preference. On average, for one adult cat, it is typical to empty the waste drawer once every 7-10 days; for two adult cats, you may need to empty the waste drawer up to two times per week. Check out this infographic for more information.

The Litter-Robot Open Air is equipped with infrared emitters and sensors that detect the level of waste in the drawer. A light on the control panel will come on to alert you when the waste drawer is full and needs to be emptied.

Is dust a problem with the movement of the litter?

Not at all. In fact, dust is virtually eliminated. The slow rotation of the globe combined with the size of the filtering screen results in minimal agitation of the litter. We often hear from customers that this is one of their favorite things about the Litter-Robot: freedom from scooping means freedom from inhaling dirty dust!

How do I clean the Litter Robot? How often should I clean?

Cleaning the Litter Robot is easy. You can remove the Globe and waste drawer for sponge wash or deep cleaning. All other parts should be wipe clean and not submerged or soaked in water.

We recommend cleaning the inside of the Globe every 1-2 months. This really depends on your personal preference and your cat’s behaviour.

Will the globe turn while my cat is inside?

No, the globe cannot turn while your cat is inside. The cat sensor is activated any time a cat enters or reenters the globe, resetting the timer for another 7 minutes, thereby preventing a cleaning cycle from starting while your cat is inside. See How It Works for more information. 

What happens if the globe jams?

If the globe jams, the motor will stop all rotation and the red and yellow lights on the control panel will flash. To fix, turn the Litter-Robot off, then on again. If the jam persists, call Customer Service at +65 6748 3135. The Instruction Manuals (purchased 4/28/2016 or after | purchased 4/27/2016 or before | Quick Reference Guide) will help you troubleshoot common problems and our Customer Service team is here to help when you need it.

Are there any sharp edges or wires inside the globe that could injure my cat?

No. The globe does not contain any mechanisms or wires that could hurt or harm your cat. The Litter-Robot was designed with your cat’s safety as our utmost priority.

What happens if my cat tries to enter the globe while it's rotating?

The Litter-Robot will stop immediately. The cat sensor will detect your cat (by weight) and turn off the motor. It will wait 15 seconds, then attempt to resume the cleaning cycle.

If your cat or something else is still tripping the cat sensor, the Litter-Robot will not resume the cleaning cycle and a series of lights will flash indicating the problem. The Instruction Manual (purchased 4/28/2016 or after | purchased 4/27/2016 or before | Quick Reference Guide) will help you troubleshoot common problems and our Customer Service team is here to help when you need it.

Are the electronics or power source dangerous to my cat?

No. The Litter-Robot operates on 15 Volts DC using a wall plug adapter similar to the adapters or chargers that you may use at home, including your cell phone charger. Unlike some other automated designs on the market, the Litter-Robot 15 Volt DC control system components are concealed inside the base of the unit (under the globe), unreachable by your pet. There are no electrical components or shock hazards inside the globe.

What is the power voltage required? How much power does it consume?

The Litter-Robot will work with both 110 and 220 currents. You can use any power supply that provides 15VDC, up to 1 amp or a converter suitable to your region.

If you’re worried about going from a human-powered litter box to an electric one, don’t be. The Litter-Robot consumes a very small amount of power. Based on the Open Air, when the motor is working to rotate the globe during a cleaning cycle, the Litter-Robot uses just 2.7 Watts of electricity. When the Litter-Robot is on standby, which is 99% of the time, it uses just 0.36 Watts of electricity.

how long is the warranty? What is covered?

Litter Robot is warranted for 12months from the purchase date against any defects under normal use.

For Singapore customers, our warranty assurance include technical support, repair services and replacement parts for your Litter Robot.

Our Care team also support International customers with technical guidance, assessment and free parts for warranty repairs or replacement.

What methods of payment do you accept? Do you offer a payment plan?

Pet Connexion accepts major Credit Card payment, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Unfortunately, we do not offer instalment payment plan at this time.

Can I amend or cancel my order after confirmation?

We try our best to pack and deliver your orders as soon as we get them to ensure its processed and delivered promptly, which means we are unable to amend or cancel any orders after confirmation.

How long will delivery takes?

Our local delivery time is usually within 3 working days.

Once your order is confirmed, our staff will contact you within the next working day to schedule delivery time at your earliest convenience. Depending on customer requests and our logistic resources, the average delivery period is usually 1-3 working days from order confirmation.

West Malaysia

Pet Connexion uses GDExpress and DHL express for deliveries to West Malaysia. The average delivery period is usually 3-5 working days from order confirmation.

Other Countries

For other countries, kindly contact our customer care desk  or +65 67483135 on Mondays – Fridays 9am to 5pm for shipping rates and arrangement.

How much is the delivery cost?

We offer free local delivery within Singapore.

For West Malaysia, the Litter-Robot delivery charge is $100  (includes shipping cost, import tax and duties).

For other countries, kindly contact our customer care desk  or call +65 67483135 on Mondays – Fridays 9am to 5pm for shipping rates and arrangement.

Can I track my delivery?

For local order, we will contact you to schedule the earliest delivery time available. This is usually within 3 working days of your order confirmation.

For Overseas order, we engage couriers such as DHL or FedEx for International delivery. Once your order has been processed and picked up by courier, we will provide the package Tracking ID or Airway Number for your easy tracking.

What if the item is incorrect, defective or damaged?

Pet Connexion LLP strives to provide our customers with quality products that are in good working condition.

We provide 1 for 1 exchange of defective product caused by any manufacturers’ defects.

* Customer is encouraged to check your products(s) immediately upon package arrival.

* The defective product(s) must be returned within 7 days of purchase in its original packaging and condition (Unused and unsoiled).

* Exchanges for another product is not allowed unless Pet Connexion is not able to process for the same product exchange. Customer can select from available product range or store credits.

* For incorrect product(s) received, kindly inform our Customer Care team within 3 days upon receiving product(s)  at this email or call +65 7483135 Monday -Friday 9am – 5pm. Products should be returned to our office at 155 Kallang Way #03-01 Singapore 349244.

Where can I find more information on Litter Robot?

Please click here for more information to help you install, maintain and troubleshoot your Litter-Robot.

(Includes useful care tips, video library, user manual and instructional guides)

Kindly contact our service desk if you require further assistance.

Why is the button light flashing? What does it mean?

Blue Light Flashing – Waste Drawer is Full, Stained or Faulty DFI Sensor

Clear waste drawer, ensure waste liner is hinged properly below DFI sensor, wipe clean the DFI plastic panels located on inner sides of base. Contact service desk if issue persists.


Yellow Light Flashing – Cycle Interrupted, Excess Weight or Bonnet not in place

This flashing light is likely due to your cat entering the globe, motor jam by obstacle, excess weight from globe and waste drawer or bonnet is removed mid cycle/home position. Remove any obstacle, check litter level, clear waste drawer and ensure the bonnet is aligned and positioned properly before using.

Note: If yellow light flash rapidly, contact service desk for assistance.


Red Light Flashing – Excess Weight or Cat Sensor Faulty

Remove any excess litter or accumulated waste. Press Reset to reset the cat sensor. If problem persist, contact service desk to replace the Cat Sensor.


Refer to Instruction Manual for more detailed information or contact our service desk for assistance.

My Litter Robot is not working. What should I do?

Kindly contact our Customer Care or call +65 7483135 to inform us of the issue.

*Information Required:

Customer Name/Email and Phone

Invoice Number/Date                       

Litter Robot Serial No 

Short description of issue


Our experienced staff will help troubleshoot and assess if repair or replacement parts will be required.

If necessary, our staff will schedule a service appointment at a suitable time for you to bring in your Litter Robot.

For your convenience, we also offer Door-to-Door repair pickup and onsite repair service for a reasonable fee. Please contact our service team for more information on this service and fees.

Click here for Care tips and guide to troubleshoot your Litter Robot.

What to bring for service appointment? What should I expect?

This will depend on the nature of the issue reported.  In most cases, you will only need to bring in the Base, Bonnet and Globe.

The Waste Drawer and Power plugs are usually not required. Please check with our service team for more information.

Note: If required, we provide Free loan unit for your use during this interim period.

How long will the repair takes?

The average repair takes about 3-5 days. This time is required to ensure proper  diagnosis, repair and servicing for your Litter Robot.

Whilst we hope to fix and return your Litter Robot as soon as possible, there are times or circumstances where the replacement parts are not readily available, and we seek your understanding that such circumstances will  inevitably delay the length of repair.

Our service team will inform you if there is any delay and update once ready for pickup.


Do you offer transport service or onsite repairs?

To help you avoid the hassle of bringing in your Litter Robot, we are happy to offer door to door repair pickup for a small transport fee – each way $45.

On-site repair at your residence is also available. Please feel free to contact our service team for more information.


  • Litter-Robot product is warranted for 12months from the date of original retail purchase against defects in quality and materials under normal use.


  • This warranty is not transferable and only applies to Litter-Robot products purchased from authorised distributor Pet Connexion LLP.


  • Notwithstanding that the product is within the warranty period, this warranty shall be invalidated and rendered void if the product shows evidence of impact, shock, abuse, mishandling, improper alteration, modification, tampering; replacement of parts with parts not provided or approved by Litter-Robot or authorised distributor.


  • This warranty does not cover:

  1. Missing accessories or external parts of the Product, unless such claim is made within 3 days from the date of original retail purchase.

  2. Cosmetic damage to outer surface/finishing and external parts of the Product, including without limitation cracks, dents or scratches on the exterior casing, levers, control knobs and other attachments.

  3. Deterioration of the Product due to normal wear and tear, including without limitation rust or stains.


  • For the avoidance of doubt, minor imperfections within design specifications that do not materially alter functionality of the product are not considered a defect under this warranty.


  • Except where otherwise expressly provided, the terms and conditions of this warranty are contained exclusively herein, and no other agreement, provision or statement, regardless of the origin of the same, shall be accepted as extending, adding to, subtracting from or otherwise altering the terms of this warranty. No warranty or guarantee given by any other person, firm or corporation with respect to the Product shall be binding on Pet Connexion LLP as authorised distributor of Litter-Robot.

Local Support

For Singapore based customers, please contact our Customer Care team to schedule your appointment at our service center located at 155 Kallang Way, Unit 03-01, Singapore 349244

International Support

For International customers, our Customer Care team will continue to offer off-site warranty services and support including:

– Technical troubleshooting and assessment  on repairs or replacements required.

– Guidance to fix issue or replace parts via Phone or Video clips.

– Free parts for replacement or repairs.


This warranty does not cover the following:

* Shipping cost or custom duties incurred for replacement parts.

* Door to Door Repair Delivery: $45 each way (Available in Singapore only)

* On-Site Repair: Contact Service Team for more info (Available in Singapore only)

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